Cholestoff Product Review

Cholestoff is a dietary supplement that may reduce both dietary and genetic cholesterol. Besides reducing the levels of cholesterol, the supplement may also lower the risk of heart problems. Dietary cholesterol is typically a by-product of meats and dairy products. Genetic cholesterol is naturally produced in the liver its level depends on the history of one’s family.


cholesterol dietary supplementThe supplement is a product of the Nature Made Company, which also manufactures a number of dietary supplements. There are different specific products they offer such as: Cholestoff Plus, Cholestoff Complete, and Cholestoff Original. Information on the official Cholestoff website at the time of this writing states that there are no known side effects associated with taking the supplement. However, its capability is yet to be determined by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


The supplement comprises of about 500 milligrams of plant stanols and sterols in every serving. When taken twice a day, with meals as recommended, the daily intake will be at least 1000 milligrams. When this supplement is used as part of a diet that is low in cholesterol and fat, the benefits may be tremendous. This is recommended since factors like body weight, physical exercise, and age can have a marked effect on cholesterol levels.

Who Should Not Take Cholestoff?

This supplement is not to be used by children, pregnant women or lactating mothers. Be sure to seek the advice of your physician before using the supplement in case you are already using other medications to lower your cholesterol. This is because the supplement could interfere with the capability of other medications. Keep out of reach of children. Be sure to keep the bottle tightly closed and stored in a cool and dry location.

Ingredients in Cholestoff

The ingredients that make up Cholestoff include: Plant Sterols, Stanols Polyvinyl Alcohol-Polyethylene Glycol Copolymer, Kaolin, and Titanium Dioxide.

Cholestoff also contains other plant extracts which are thought to protect the body from absorbing cholesterol from meat, eggs, fish and other products.


Cholestoff Dosage

According to information on Cholestoff’s official website, it is recommended that if an individual is an adult, two tablets should be taken daily. These should be taken with water, about half an hour before eating.


Cholestoff tablets are made to high purity and potency standards. As part of a cholesterol management program, a physician must be consulted in order for cholesterol levels to be closely monitored.


What Works Well With Cholestoff

Besides taking Cholestoff, persons who desire to lower their cholesterol should adhere to a strict dietary schedule that is low in fat, and should take approximately 2,400 milligrams of sodium or less per day. One should also maintain a healthy weight and pursue an exercise plan. If blood cholesterol level is excessively high, a physician may prescribe medications that will reduce cholesterol.


In case Cholestoff fails to have the desired effect in your body, after consulting with a pharmacist or physician, you can use a proprietary blend of Reducol and Pantesin. Reducol comprises of an exclusive mixture of plant sterols and stanols that prevent the absorption of cholesterol. Pantesin, on the other hand, addresses the genetic root of cholesterol. It is a product of vitamin B5 that reduces the production of bad cholesterol in the liver.

Availability of Cholestoff

Cholestoff can be purchased at all major retailers and drug stores in the United States. It is also available through online retailers like Drugstore and eBay.


Even in the unlikely eventuality that you carefully guard your exercise and diet, it may not be adequate to reduce your cholesterol levels to healthy ones desirable for the heart. That’s exactly where Cholestoff comes in. Over one million people in the US are already using this supplement to lower their cholesterol.


Cholestoff consists of a natural blend of plant stanols and sterols, known as Reducol. Reducol has been scientifically proven to prevent the absorption of cholesterol and to help in lowering levels of both types of bad cholesterol. Well in excess of a hundred clinical studies have revealed the effectiveness of the two components of Reducol in lowering cholesterol when taken together with an exercise plan and a healthy diet.


This supplement has been found to be both a safe and an effective drug in the achievement of healthy cholesterol levels and may be a wonderful substitute to prescription drugs for persons with moderately low cholesterol. Although this supplement may be easily combined with supplements aimed at reducing high cholesterol, persons with cholesterol problems on such prescriptions are encouraged to consult their physicians before adding Cholestoff to their medication regimens.


Cholestoff provides a small additional quantity of Reducol daily that most people require, reaching the guidelines set out by the National Institutes of Health, or the NIH. The said set of rules includes two grams of plant sterols and stanols for each day.


A review by a cross-section of Cholestoff users revealed that the product did appear to do what it promised in terms of lowering bad cholesterol levels, but at a sub level it heavily impacted their triglyceride levels and their very low density lipoprotein (VLDL).


One should endeavor to read as much he/she can possibly find on it before trying it out so that there is a balanced view of the product as recorded by test outcomes.


For people that use Cholestoff, the most important thing is to keep track of what happens. It may either work out well for an individual, or it may not. If it does not work out, seek a physician’s advice on the best alternative for specific cases.

Ensure safety when using Cholestoff

Note that the information offered hereinabove is only but intended to add to and not to substitute the expert judgment of a physician, pharmacist or other health care professional. It should not be taken to mean that this supplementary drug is completely safe, effective and appropriate for personal use. To obtain the correct information as to validity and effectiveness, it is important to consult a physician on how to use Cholestoff.


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